Menno South Dakota.  Population, just a bit over 600.  Which is just about right!  Their motto is:  The place to be.  Now that's a simple motto, but it's pretty accurate.  Menno is located in Southeast Hutchinson County and is situated along Highway 18 and they are home of the Wolves! 

Menno is one of my favorites that I've been through more than a time or two.

For starters, if you ever go to the Schnitz Bar on Main street, you know that Tom and Cindy are big Packer fans and that's always a good place to start with me.  You also know that Kickin' Country is usually playing in the place.  We've been there for several events over the years and it's a great place for a cold beer and a quick stop for a story or two.

Oh, have you heard of Micky Harris?  He is 'artist extraordinaire.'  I was talking with Tom from the Schnitz a few minutes ago, he said some auto body work led him to the area and when he met some of the people, he just had to move to Menno!  It's a great story we hope to hear more of.  We have to get him to airbrush something for Kickin' Country sometime!

The locals, have extended a welcome many times.  We've been out for a bowfishing excursion and have been there for weddings and other events.

One of my favorite things about Menno, is it's a great place for a stop on the way to the river.  Menno is about an hour southwest of Sioux Falls and more times than not, when I stop at the Country Pride convenience store along the highway,  Kickin' Country is playing on the radio there too.

I also LOVE the Dairy Bar where they make a mean hot fudge shake and the food is always good.

Menno also knows how to get together and celebrate as a community.  They have a big July 4th celebration planned and cap off summer with Hot Summer Days and Sweet Summer Nights in September where they feature a pretty cool car show.

How about you?  What else would you like to add about Menno?

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