Now that the weather appears to be showing signs of spring being right around the corner, it won't be long (hopefully) before breweries and restaurants with outdoor patios will be opening up again.

Many people like to take their dogs along with them to establishments that are considered dog friendly. Some pets are well mannered and fit in just fine in social settings other dogs, not so much. I mean, you can't really bring Cujo out for a Coors with friends, that's a lawsuit on a leash waiting to happen.

So what does a pet owner do in the event they own a dog that is about as socially acceptable as Linda Blair in the movie The Exorcist?

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Enter Maggie Pearson, a certified "Drink with Your Dog" trainer. Maggie offers a series of classes on how pet owners can teach their dogs to have good manners while hanging out at a restaurant or brewery.

As Dakota News Now reports, the "Drink with Your Dog" classes are something that is completely unique in Sioux Falls. The course is a partnership started with Pearson and Lupulin Brewing.

Pearson told Dakota News Now, “So we want a dog that knows how to relax in public, we also want an owner that knows how to set their dog up for success and we also need owners that can read their dog’s body language."

The main objective behind the course is to teach your hound how to have good brewery and restaurant manners. While learning how to be a good citizen out in the public.

According to Pearson, one of the best brewery manners a dog can have is to sit politely while their human orders a brew, then walk back with a loose leash allowing your human not to spill any beer on the way back to their table.

It sounded like fun, was one of the main reasons given to sign up by those who have already taken Pearson's course.

If you would like to teach your dog better etiquette in advance of the spring and summer socializing season, Pearson's next session is set to begin in April. Get more information here.

Source: Dakota News Now

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