I've been a midwesterner all my life having lived in Iowa, Minnesota, and South Dakota. I've said many 'Hellos' and 'Goodbyes' in all three states.

And whenever we have friends of the family from other regions visit us they will frequently comment on the ritual we engage in when saying farewell. In the midwest, you don't just get up and leave lest you be thought of as rude and uppity.

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A South Dakota Goodbye is rather lengthy like a Minnesota or Iowa Goodbye but there are a few subtle differences. There are 10 Stages of a South Dakota Goodbye. And if you had a good fetchin' up you'd know that the steps go in this order. And don't you dare screw it up.

  1. Considering it's time to go start to fidget.
  2. Husband or Wife says: “Whelp, Spose it's 'bout time”
  3. Places their hands on their knees and slowly gets up
  4. Reach in the pocket to pull out your car keys
  5. Jingle keys to alert everyone it's “Time Ta Go”
  6. Move until you are pert'near to the doorway while continuing conversation with those staying behind
  7. Give hugs (NOT applicable if you are Presbyterian)
  8. Open Door and exit while waving goodbye and saying “See Ya Later then!” (This is the false goodbye)
  9. Walk to the car while giving more hugs to those that are following (again hugging applies to non-Presbyterians)
  10. Drive away with one hand on the wheel and one hand out the window waving and repeating "See Ya Later then!". (This is the real “Goodbye”)

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