Public enemy number one in Sioux Falls: Potholes.  We love to hate them, but we can never seem to escape them when the warmer weather rolls around!

The City of Sioux Falls is always encouraging residents to report potholes in the area throughout the year, especially when spring arrives.  The OneLink app from the city is a great resource to report potholes.  This service was introduced to the residents in 2019.

According to a Facebook post from the city, more than 50 miles of streets were improved in 2020. "This work included 3,876 potholes, 231 asphalt issues, 546 blocks of slurry seal, 207 blocks of asphalt overlay and mill, 48 blocks of neighborhood street rehabilitation, 16 blocks of concrete street rehabilitation, & 64 blocks of major street reconstruction and arterial street expansion."  Let me just repeat this number again ...close to 4,000 potholes in Sioux Falls!  This number is only growing by the day.

So that begs the question: What street in the City of Sioux Falls has the most potholes?  Well, it depends on who you ask and where you live.

I did a little research and asked some co-workers and residents around the Sioux Empire this question. Some streets mentioned were 6th and Weber, 26th all the way to 57th Street down Sycamore Avenue, Cliff Avenue, and the list goes on from there.

I also did a little independent investigating in search of predominant potholes around the City of Sioux Falls.  These are the culprits I encountered...

If you see a pothole and want to report it, click here to alert the city.  You can also download the OneLink app to show the City of Sioux Falls the location of the potholes and what the areas surrounding them look like.

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