Welcome to the time of year again when potholes are beginning to pop up all over Sioux Falls city streets. Some are just small and annoying, while others seem to be the moon-sized crater variety that borderline on being car killers.

As the weather begins to warm up, (insert a hallelujah), the pothole problem will only begin to magnify. That is why the city wants to take a proactive approach this year to fix the pothole problem.

Dakota News Now is reporting Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken posted a video to Facebook last week about potholes to serve as a reminder to everyone that they're bound to happen.

The video was designed to get people in the habit of reporting these pesky potholes via the Sioux Falls city app before they become really annoying problems.

According to Dakota News Now, Sioux Falls usually has at least one crew working year-round on patching up potholes.

Streets Operations Manager Dustin Hansen told Dakota News Now, currently we have about five crews out working on the potholes around the area. Hansen said, "We really would like individuals to use the one-link app. It's really easy. It's on your mobile device. You can use it on your desktop as well. You can attach a picture to that. You can put a description in there, that way our crews know exactly where to go because they'll have a pin dropped."

The city, asks for your cooperation in reporting the various potholes that currently plague our streets, they also remind residents to please be patient with street crews as they tackle the pothole problem. Street crews are working as fast as they can to patch up city streets.

Winter weather can often complicate things. If crews get called away to go out and do snow removal that's gonna take us away from potholes, Hansen says.

Typically, it only takes crews a few minutes to repair a single pothole. But, where there's one, chances are there's several more lurking around.

That's why it's so vitally important when you see a pothole, report it, by using the city one-link app.

Source: Dakota News Now


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