Here I sit, in Sioux Falls, listening to people whine and complain about potholes. Potholes! Sure, some of those inconveniences are deep and following the long drawn out winter weather we have had here in the Midwest, probably not that out of the ordinary.

Earlier this week I was talking with Travis Krcil of Wagner, South Dakota. Krcil hauls grain and livestock for a living so he knows a few things about gravel roads around the area. Krcil said;

It's rough. Not just here in Wagner, but all around the region. The bridge is still closed north of Wagner, so it's  a 20 mile trip just to get to town. It's usually about a mile and a half.  I've heard of hog producers with hogs ready for market that they can't even get hauled out. They're loading stock trailers to haul to a remote location to load on a semi for market.

As you can tell from some of the photos listeners sent into our Facebook Page [KIKNCountry] it's tough, all over. For example the photo above sent in by Melissa Schmidt of Tripp, South Dakota.

We complain about potholes here in Sioux Falls, but in many instances people in the country have extreme difficulty getting to work and school. It's not just in Charles Mix County. Turner County gravel roads are a mess. Just about anyone who works on roads around the area will tell you it's the worst they have ever seen.

One thing is certain, our South Dakota weather will change. A few years ago we were so dry we wondered if anyone was ever going to grow anything ever again. So, it'll change. A lot of people around the area are hoping dries up.  Soon.

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