Alcohol, driving and power poles are not a good combination. One Sioux Falls woman can certainly attest to that.

KDLT News is reporting that twenty-four-year-old Samantha Kaye Wesselink of Sioux Falls is behind bars after she was arrested and charged with DUI and Hit and Run around 2:30 Wednesday morning, (April 5).

According to authorities, Wesselink crashed her vehicle into a utility pole near 22nd Street and Kiwanis Avenue after being intoxicated behind the wheel.

She then fled the scene, and was located a short time later by police and arrested.

The accident caused residents in the area to lose power for a period of time.

Wesselink's day didn't get any better from that point she was also cited for failure to have insurance, driving without a valid license, and having expired license plates.

Source: KDLT TV

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