An 81-year-old Sioux Falls woman was the victim of a Grandparents Scam when a man called claiming to be the woman’s grandson and said he needed help after being arrested.

The phone call started with the man saying “Hi Grandma” followed with a quick story of an arrest and the phone being handed over to a man claiming to be a police officer. The two scammers convinced the woman to withdrawal $10,000 and send cash in the mail to a New York state address to secure the grandson’s release from jail.

The woman later called the grandson directly and discovered the scam.

Police say if you receive a call similar in nature, do not offer the name of the family member but ask them to provide the name. According to Sioux Falls Police Officer Sam Clemens, it is also reasonable to hang up and dial the family member back to ensure it’s not a scam.

Law enforcement will not request cash sent in the mail or pre-paid gift cards.

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