Earlier this week I posted a story about a mature buck that my son had spotted just a few yards from a busy ramp on the cities belt loop which is made up of I-229 and I-29.  He was sitting there in a vacant shed.   Just sitting there watching traffic go by.  While the rest of the world was checking to see if traffic was coming, he was checking them out. As we passed the soccer fields we counted still more.

Today, KELO-LAND TV did a story reporting:

a herd of 'penned up' deer in the Tomar Park area where the counted 38 deer in the park on one evening.


It doesn't take much more than a watchful eye on your way home along Southeastern Drive in south east Sioux Falls to wonder when the City of Sioux Falls might consider a bow hunting season, 'in town.'

I mentioned that to my son, who does not bow hunt, and he said, the Mayor would never go for that.  He said, 'imagine a just shot deer making a run across a busy street.' He doesn't bow hunt.  I do. And my bow hunting brethren would tell you a deer, when hit would run to a 'safe area.'  In most cases, back to the cover they were coming from.

Don't get me wrong.  I'm not, 'calling for a city wide deer hunt.'  What I am doing is a little math in my head on the ride home and the math is saying this.  It won't be long before you start hearing complaints of residents saying their bushes are being eaten.  It won't be long before you start hearing of people hitting deer crossing the street.

I love deer.  I love to watch them.  I've sat for countless hours and days in a tree stand marveling at their beauty.  I'm struck by their ability to thrive and survive even though urban sprawl is  steeling away their native land every day.

I also know, that ethical, bow hunters, who through simple test both written to prove they could hunt ethically in an urban environment and physical test to prove marksmanship could indeed cull some of the excess herd.  I'm sure the banquet could use the extra meat as well.

Oh, did I mention I love deer.  Another reason, I'd like to see an in-city hunt is I would rather see them harvested than be hungry and have to search for food.

Is it going to happen?  Probably not.  One neighbor who also 'loves deer' and 'loves to watch them,'  would and probably be enough to keep it from happening.

Our drought isn't going to help either.  Cold weather, and a lack of food will make the deer herd in Sioux Falls seem even larger.