Sioux Falls Police Information Officer Sam Clemens says an argument between two individuals led to an arrest of 42-year-old Todd Linson of Sioux Falls.

"That took place near an apartment. The resident of the apartment was upset about the argument. He grabbed his handgun, went outside, pointed the gun at both the men and then shot one time in the air," explained Clemens. "The two men ran away and called police. The man was found inside his apartment. He was arrested for aggravated assault."

In another weekend incident, Clemens says officers responded to an assault at 14th and Minnesota Ave.

"There was a woman that was inside the gas station and saw a couple of people that she had some past problems with. So she left," continued Clemens. "The two women followed the female victim. It was in the 600 block of South Dakota when they began assaulting her. They had taken  padlocks and put them over their fingers so when they punched her, it caused quite a few cuts to her head."

Clemens says the victim was taken to the hospital to get patched up.  She received stitches and staples.  Right now, Sioux Falls police are searching for the suspects.