It seems like it doesn't pay to be a good Samaritan these days.

A perfect example is what happened to a Sioux Falls man early Tuesday night in central Sioux Falls.

The man in question agreed to give a ride to three people and was later threatened with a shotgun when he refused to take the passengers to a location he did not feel comfortable traveling to.

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Dakota News Now reports the incident took place around 7:40 PM on Tuesday (May 31). The victim in the case offered a free ride to three people he did not know, two females and one male.

Officer Sam Clemens with the Sioux Falls Police Department told Dakota News Now that once the passengers were inside the car, they began to give the victim directions to a specific location where they wished to be dropped off. The location ended up being a spot the victim did not feel comfortable going to. Once the victim stopped his vehicle to let the passengers out, the male passenger pulled out a shotgun from a duffle bag he was carrying and pointed it at the victim driving.

The victim immediately got out of his car and ran to a nearby restaurant to call police, while the suspects took off with the victim's vehicle.

Later that night, just after 10 PM, a patrol car spotted the stolen vehicle and attempted to stop it, which resulted in a vehicle pursuit that took them from downtown to the east side of Sioux Falls. According to Dakota News Now, during the pursuit, the suspect tossed out the duffle bag containing the shotgun that was used to threaten the victim. Police recovered the bag a short time later.

Once the chase had concluded, the suspect got out of the stolen car and tried to run. He was immediately apprehended by police. At the time of his arrest, the two female passengers were no longer inside the stolen vehicle. Instead, the suspect now had a juvenile passenger riding with him.

Dakota News Now reports that police arrested 25-year-old Jose Luis Uribe of Sioux Falls. Uribe is being charged with aggravated assault, aggravated eluding, robbery, committing a felony with a firearm, and grand theft.

The whereabouts of the two female suspects are still not known at this time. However, police are following up on leads and hope to take them into custody soon.

Source: Dakota News Now 


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