Sioux Falls is the best place in all of South Dakota for new graduates to start their careers. That was the word today from Zippia .com. So, how did they come up with Sioux Falls as the best place to start? According to the website:

We looked for the places where rent is cheapest, starting incomes are high, and jobs are abundant. Out of every place in South Dakota, Sioux Falls came out on top:

If you look at the story you'll see that Sioux Falls actually did quite well on the list. The only city listed ahead of us was Fargo, North Dakota. You can actually read their story at It went on to say;

Coming in at second is fitting as the city’s 2.1% unemployment rate and an average $811 rent are some of the lowest in the country. So not only are you less likely to be unemployed, but you also won’t have to worry much about paying rent. Shopping spree, anyone?

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