Men and women alike have their swipes in the right direction when it comes to a career in the medical field, law, first responders, and teachers. Even though there are a few similarities in the top 10 jobs, a recent survey shows men and women have very different ideas about what jobs they want in a romantic partner.

With the help of, a survey of 1,000 workers found out what jobs they think are the hottest, and which they think are just plain not.

If you live in Sioux Falls, chances are you're looking at someone in healthcare, the law, or education.

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A woman will defiantly swipe right if that guy is a doctor, lawyer, carpenter, or engineer. However, the ladies will almost certainly move past a fast-food worker, janitor, truck driver, or cashier.

Let's flip over to the guys now. Your attention is drawn towards the nurses, elementary school teachers, doctors, and secretaries. And what job in a woman doesn't empress him? That would be a janitor, truck driver, fast food worker, or plumber.

Keep in mind that this is just the type of work these individuals do. It doesn't tell you anything more about that person.

Which way will you swipe?

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