Now that you have the diploma, what's next? And please don't say you're going to take some time to think about your future. (Mental Slap)

Before you walked to the stage and were shown the gratitude you deserved for the past several years of studying that decision should have been locked in. Now it's time to join the workforce. And there is no better place to begin your career than in South Dakota.

One of the biggest needs is in the nursing field. Thousands of nursing positions are posted in surgery, pre-op, acute care, flight, traveling nurses, and dozens of other areas.

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Currently, the South Dakota Department of Labor & Regulation lists unemployment at 2.2%. That's good for the state and should tell you we are working hard to keep people working.

Consider using your degree to teach. South Dakota has a wide range of education jobs open. Many right here in Sioux Falls. Both full-time and part-time.

There is no lack of skilled labor positions. Throughout the state, construction continues at a high pace from building new homes to commercial construction.

Another field of interest with several openings is hospitality and tourism. Again, it may be picking up hours for extra income or changing jobs to full-time. Everywhere you go there will be a need in the food industry.

Here in South Dakota, we've got game. Now, it's time for you to bring us your 'A' game.


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