While Sioux Falls Fire Rescue crews are putting out fires in the community, they're setting new ones on the internet.

Our friends at Pigeon605 met with some firefighters from Sioux Falls Fire Rescue to talk about their viral success on the social media platform, TikTok.  They never guessed that 15-second videos would reach new audiences not just in Sioux Falls but around the world.

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What began as a simple video about saving a kitten in the tree turned into a global internet sensation for the Sioux Falls Fire Rescue. However, that's not how this video started.

Communications and marketing coordinator for the City of Sioux Falls, Kieran Tate tells Pigeon605 the "kitten rescue" video was not all that successful initially. They decided to repost the video on the TikTok page and boom...it went crazy.

Pigeon605 reports that this video alone "has been watched 3.4 million times and generated nearly 750,000 “likes” on TikTok, making it one of several viral videos produced by Sioux Falls Fire Rescue on an account that has gained the department worldwide popularity."

So why does the Sioux Falls Fire Rescue team have its own TikTok account? For the obvious reason: They wanted to find a way to connect with the younger generation. This video surpassed all of their expectations!

Sioux Falls Fire Rescue Fire Chief Matt McAreavey explains that his generation really doesn't understand social media. Instead of trying to avoid the internet, Fire Chief McAreavey says the department just needs to embrace it. “It’s all about engaging the public and meeting people where they’re at,” explains Fire Chief McAreavey. “We need to serve the entire demographic of Sioux Falls.”

Just by watching some of the Sioux Falls Fire Rescue's videos on TikTok, it’s obvious the crews are having fun!

Check out some of their videos. You'll learn about the Sioux Falls Fire Rescue team and simultaneously have a smile on your face!

Remember you can always adopt a "pigeon" through Pigeon605, and the pigeon delivers the news that matters to you.  Learn more here.


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