Thanks to Sioux Falls Fire and Rescue, I may have finally come around on the video platform TikTok. The folks there are putting out some great stuff and becoming stars.

I love tech stuff. I've been fascinated by computers since second grade when I tried to get our classroom computer to play Pac-Man by typing "Play Pac-Man." My tech skills have advanced since 1982, but I still drag my feet on getting into the 'hot new thing.'

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Like TikTok. I like hearing 15 seconds of a song and watching bad lip-synching as much as the next person. But I really don't need another app eating up my time. That's what Reddit is for.

SFFR is changing my mind. The department says that their mission with the videos is to "...educate and inspire others." And they're doing it with fun and informative videos that represent Sioux Falls in an awesome way. Their nearly 190,000 followers and hundreds of thousands of video views show they know what's up.

Watch these videos with one of the rising stars of Sioux Falls TikTok, Firefighter Frank, a firefighter so cool just his presence puts out fires.

How about this one. I don't know what is happening, but it's great!

This one is a perfect example of SFFR's mission statement. A quick reminder and a funny video.

I really like this one from 2020. They captured a feeling we all had last year (and this year too).

This one is funny, and they got an assist from Jim Halpert.

Go to their TikTok to watch all of them, you don't even need to sign up for TikTok to just watch the videos. But these fantastic folks got me to make an account, so maybe they'll drag you into 2021 with me. Just in time for 20222.

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