Sioux Falls is about to get 13 new men and women who have elected to make the career choice to put their lives on the line each day in the service of the public.

A crop of new firefighter recruits is about to join the force here in Sioux Falls, and as Dakota News Now reports, these brave men and women have just finished spending the past 16 weeks at the training center preparing for their careers as firefighters.

New recruit Alyssa Lyons told Dakota News Now, “It’s been good. As far as the physical training they really pushed us and I think most of us prepared ourselves pretty well for the physical part of the job, but for people coming on if you think you are in shape, get in better shape.”

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According to Dakota News Now, Lyons was a nurse for eight years prior to making the decision to become a member of Sioux Falls Fire Rescue. She says she's always had a passion for helping people and just wanted to expand her role in the service of others.

Being a firefighter is so much more than just battling flames. There are many other aspects of being a member of the Sioux Falls Fire Rescue team. A large part of the job is going out on medical calls.

One thing is for certain if you're not good at dealing with stress, being a firefighter is probably not the best career choice for you.

New recruit Lyons tells Dakota News Now, “They’ve taught us a lot about the resources that the city has for us for stress management, and I just think that’s really neat that they take such a forward approach on dealing with those."

The next chapter in life for Lyons and her fellow new recruits is about to get underway as their service to the Sioux Falls community is scheduled to begin soon.

We thank you for deciding to choose the career path of saving lives and protecting property.

Source: Dakota News Now

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