The Sioux Falls Dive Bar Tour continued at the Silver Moon Bar just across the street from Falls Park at 200 East Falls Park Drive. We checked out the Silver Moon during a full moon - what could go wrong?

When we pulled up around 7:00 PM on a Friday night, the parking lot was packed. It was just my dive bar sidekick, Dusti and I this time and we were a little nervous about going into the bar by ourselves, with what was probably a full house of regulars AND during a full moon. We talked it over in the car and almost drove away, instead, we sucked it up and went inside.

We're not sure if everyone had driven separately, taken a cab home or just parked there and walked across the street to Falls Park, but there were maybe 15 people inside. We found two spots at the bar. This was by far, the "diviest" of dive bars we've been to. The only light appeared to be coming from the neon beer signs scattered around the bar.  The clientele was regulars. Vicky was our bartender and knew what the bar patrons wanted to drink before they sat down, and she knew everyone by name. Vicky was the most energetic bartender we've met. She had a great personality and you could tell the regulars liked her. She told us when the regulars have a birthday she will give them a Reese's peanut butter cup with a candle.

The Silver Moon is your typical dive bar - lots of liquor and not much food. They don't have a kitchen, but they do have a pizza oven and will make you a Tombstone pizza or you could have a Dakota Tom's sandwich with chips. For dessert, there's a small selection of candy bars.

One thing we noticed was the Silver Moon doesn't have any alcohol on tap. They have a fully stocked liquor selection and bottles of beer.

Would we go back? Sure. We'd go back just to chat with Vicky - and she makes a super strong drink for a cheap price.

Check out the rest of our tour of The Silver Moon through this gallery of pictures.

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