The massive clean up continues in Sioux Falls in the aftermath of the recent ice storm.

"We certainly are into our second pass in putting up the debris throughout the city.  Some of the highest impacted areas of the city really are going to require 3 potentially 4 passes though the city," explained Mark Cotter, Public Works Director. "This  really gives the citizens another opportunity for us to come by and remove a large amount of debris and ultimately start getting ready for spring."

Don Kearney, Director of Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation told KSOO Radio he is focusing on reopening city parks.

"At this point, about half of the city parks are open. If people are interested in to find out what parks are open, they can go to and click on the timber link.  It will allow them to look at a map to see which parks are open."

Kearney says a lot of work remains in the parks.

"The actual structure damage to the park facilities wasn't so great. It's just the massive amount of trees that we have down in the entire park system and golf courses.  It's just going to take quite a while to get it cleaned up.  Right now, we're really setting priorities on where we want to get parks open and will ultimately get to all of them as well as our waterways."