When you gotta go, you gotta go!

Sometimes the urge comes and there is no bathroom or relief in sight. So what do you do?

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We asked this question to the people of Sioux Falls and you cannot make this stuff up!

Keep in mind, that most of these are stories about pooping, so if you're easily grossed out, proceed with caution!

  • My sister had to use the litter Box in the semi-truck once cause there were no rest areas in sight.
  • My husband used to work at a hog barn that didn't have a bathroom and he would just poop in the slats.
  • I work in a GI clinic so love poop humor. I know a guy who had to poop in the sink at a restaurant because someone took too long in the stall.
  • Our son has dropped a load not once but twice in a lake... turns out it was a floater and it followed him back to the boat.
  • We were on a long road trip and my son (4) had to go, of course when we were in the middle of nowhere. I pulled over and held his armpits while he hung his butt out the door and I had him poop out the van lol. I picked it up with a diaper afterward.
  • We were on a trip driving through Wyoming and I had to pee. Obviously, there aren't any convenient gas stations around and I'm used to those side road squats being from the country, so we pull over and I walk to the back of the trailer to squat on the side of the road, not in between the truck and trailer because it was full of guys. Anyway, a funeral procession came from the opposite direction and started passing by as I'm just there going to the bathroom. So awkward and embarrassing.
  • When I was 10, I was swimming in the lake with my friend. I had to poop so bad that I had a stomachache. I passed gas (bubbles -- lol) but then I pooped in the lake thinking it would just sink... it did not. I blamed it on the dog. There were several dogs swimming and playing near us so it could've been any of them.
  • for my job, we are in a lot of new houses still under construction. So it is common practice to do a pre-flush to make sure the water is hooked up before you use the toilet. One time we had a guy do that and it worked so he figured he was fine. He poops and tries to flush but uh oh.. no water. His practice flush was just the water in the back tank. They had to go get a bunch of bottles of water to dump in the back so it would finally flush.
  • When I was in the Air Force, I worked in a nuclear weapons storage area and we had a movement of a weapon to another base. I was posted in an elevated watchtower and had no one to relieve me, so I had to go in this tiny little skybox in a plastic bag. The worst part was having to bring the "trash" with me when I was picked up from my post and having to find a dumpster to toss it.
  • I work in construction, we were remodeling a whole house and it didn't have any water and all toilets were pulled. Had to go #2 in the shower and the owner of the house came in the door.
  • My stepson came home from a night in Sioux Falls with his friends without his shirt on and stripping his pants off as soon as the door shut. Turns out he had gotten a stomach ache and they had to pull over so he could poo. His friends didn't have anything to wipe with so he had to use his shirt and we now know what happens when you have diarrhea on a windy day. The shirt I had just bought him a week prior he left in the ditch. I feel bad for laughing cause the kid was sick the next day.
  • When traveling in Alaska I figured out real fast that gas stations are few and far between. There are vault toilets along the roads but they are disgusting. I'd rather go outside. I just didn't eat much that vacation.
  • So my ex is going to kill me for telling you this. I hope he's not listening. He had been complaining for 3 days that he hasn't pooped. He refused to take anything and I was just tired of the whining and complaining. So I took it upon myself to help him. It was Miracle Treat Day and he went to go get us all our treats! He had gotten a chocolate blizzard with Butterfinger. While he took a shower I shaved down half a bar of chocolate exlax and a capful of Miralax and I mixed it well. Halfway through he said it tasted funny so told him they may have used the off-brand of Butterfinger. He finished it. So I waited ...and waited.. nothing.. 10 am the next morning I get a text 'WTF DID YOU DO?!' He then called me to inform me he just had to shit in the office trash can and it was explosive and left work and had another explosion on his way home in his truck and was all in his pants and socks and work boots!! I was DYING all I could think of was Dumb and Dumber! Needless to say, he hasn't eaten ice cream of ANY KIND since.. lmao
  • One of my firefighters had to poop during a fire... DURING the fire he used the bathroom in the house while on air. Meaning he was pooping with his air mask on... we couldn't find him briefly because he shut the door, but once we found him everything was okay.
  • My dad was cleaning out his storage unit and realized he had to go to the bathroom with no time to spare, he dumped out a home depo bucket shut the storage unit door and when he was done put the bucket in the dumpster

Now, before you judge any of these people, keep in mind, that everybody poops!


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