Look at this photo. Doesn't it just scream joy? After this winter, it looks like a Utopian fantasy. But in spite of our awful winters, we're still a pretty happy lot.

According to a Wallethub study, Sioux Falls is the fifteenth happiest city in the country. Three criteria, emotional and physical well being, income and employment rank, and community and environment rank, gave each city a score. Our rankings were 11th, 67th, and 95th respectively.

We weren't as happy as North Dakota apparently. Fargo came in sixth and Bismarck was eleventh. Rapid City was #67, but out of 182 they were well into the top half of the country.

Other area cities on the list:

St. Paul - #19
Minneapolis - #26
Des Moines - #30
Omaha - #35
Lincoln - #36

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