Dexter Johnson is a manager at the Popeyes restaurant on Singing Hills Boulevard in Sioux City, IA and he can now add 'National Commercial Star' to his resume.

Popeyes held a nationwide contest and Dexter was picked after submitting a Broadway-style video. I want to see that video!

He was flown to New Orleans and was given the five-star treatment!

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In an interview with KMEG, he said, "It was amazing, just to see the Cajun hospitality and different types of food. Amazing experience, I ever, ever went through. I felt like I was in Hollywood."

As someone that has recently visited New Orleans, I can attest to the Cajun hospitality. I thought the locals were very friendly and genuinely happy to see some tourism back in their city.

However, I'm sure Dexter had a much different experience, I mean he's nationally famous now!

So, if you're ever in Sioux City at the Singing Hills Popeyes make sure to get the $3.99 chicken sandwich (the only chicken sandwich that matters, in my opinion) and ask Dexter for his autograph!

Great job, Dexter. You made your fellow Sioux Cityan proud!

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