If there is one thing I've learned in my short time in Sioux Falls, it's that Sioux Fallsians love a new restaurant!

Popeyes first location opened yesterday on 10th St. and apparently people lost their minds.

I saw a few posts on social media about police being called in to direct traffic.


The Argus Leader Business Journal did a video with the franchise owner the morning of the opening to help build anticipation.


The restaurant opened at 10:30 AM, but people were lined up way before that. The owner and employees were expecting a huge crowd though, they were prepared. According to the Argus Leader:

To prepare for the grand opening, the restaurant filled its coolers with product and rented a refrigerated semitrailer to fill with chicken.

“Thousands of pounds of chicken” were on hand to prepare for the restaurant’s opening, Laird said.

While I understand the excitement, I might wait awhile before I get my tasty Louisiana style chicken!

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