Right now, many of us are feeling a little behind when it comes to our lawns.  After all, we've been hit hard by snow and many of us are just getting over the limb and branch clean up.

Now that we have some breathing room, and the overnight temperatures are now above freezing, it's time to start thinking about planting grass seed and spreading some fertilizer. Because of the drought conditions, I'm looking at putting down grass seed, as I lost a lot of grass due to the dry conditions last summer.

If you're sewing grass seed, the first thing you need to do is rough up the soil a bit. Rake your lawn and remove any dead grass along with any leaves.  The raking will loosen up the soil and help the seed take root.

When choosing your seed, be sure to choose a mix suited to your lawn. For instance, your front may be getting more sun than your back yard and vice versa.  Be sure to use a mix made for sun and a mix made for shade. Be sure to buy a reputable name brand seed.  Basement bargain seed contains empty seed hulls, stems and too many weeds. Buying the good stuff from the beginning means less work later.

If you're like me and have a lot of bare spots, you may want to apply a thin layer of seeding soil. It will help the grass grow better.  Then apply your seed.  Be sure to follow the directions for the proper spreader settings.  Putting a bunch of seed together will hamper the seed when it grows.  The seedlings need the room to grow.  Using the proper settings on your spreader will insure success. Run the back of your rake over the seed to help make better contact with the soil after you have put it down.

You may also want to consider applying a starter fertilizer once you have spread the seed.  The fertilizer will help the grass grow and develop a strong root system.

Watering will be very important for your grass to grow.  It will need about an inch per week.  Lightly water twice per day until the grass grows to about two inches in height.  Be aware that Sioux Falls is back to odd/even days for watering.  Rain is pretty much in the forecast for pretty much most of the week.

When mowing, set your mower at the tallest setting.  If you cut the grass too short, the grass can't grow deep roots and you'll have to water it a lot more to keep it healthy.

Once you've mowed your lawn about four times, be sure to use a quality fertilizer to feed it and also to deal with any weeds that may be growing.

If you pride yourself on your lawn, following some simple steps can have your lawn not only looking great, but also making some of the neighbors a little envious.

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