Some of you know.  Some of you don't.  His real name was Heath Tople.  His stage name, on air persona, was Scotty Collins.  You'll notice that I used the word 'was.'

We caught word late Monday afternoon that Scotty had died.  Believe me when I say it.  It put us back a step when we heard.

Scotty was a BIG part of Kickin' Country for years.  He worked on air with Dan Collins from  May 1995 – August 2006 (11 years 4 months)  In radio talk, 'that's a long, long time.'

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Like any relationship, we had our ups and downs.  Successes.  Hardships.

While Scotty's departure from Kickin' Country was less than ceremonial, one thing is undeniable.  When the guy was 'on,' he was electric.

He had the ability to 'jump in' and 'add,' which is so important as a radio sidekick.  We used to talk around the station all the time, if Peter Griffin from Family Guy was a real person it would have been Scotty Collins.  They were nearly identical.

We know many of you listened to Kickin' Country in the morning while Scotty worked here,  trying to win the Kickin' Secret Sound or watching along as he flew over Howard Wood Field with the first ever 'Peep Drop.'  We know many of you came to Borrowed Bucks or other remote broadcasts Scotty was at.  We thought we owed it to you to let you know he's gone.

As energetic and jovial as the guy could be, Scotty also battled many demons.  In the end, they proved to be too much. As fellow co-workers we hope that Scotty would approve this line.  Seek out help if you need it and what you can't control,  just let it be.

Life doesn't  always end the way we would like.  The work day.  Relationships. But at the end of this day we will remember one thing.

When Scotty Collins 'was on,' he was one of the best we've worked with.  Ever.

Heath Tople funeral arrangements.