I was inside the new Sanford Imagenetics building today (October 5) for a quick tour.

It's a beautiful and bright facility with some massive windows on the south side. There's a cool interactive panel that scans your face and records your voice to create a three-dimensional model demonstrating how genetics makes us unique with a massive light sculpture.

It's more than lights, as you might guess. It's a modern genetics laboratory and clinic. The mission is to integrate genetics into everyday health care. We'll learn all about it on Friday with our guest Dr. Cassie Hajek. She's a Sioux Falls native who is the director of clinical services and education for Sanford Imagenetics.

This isn't just theoretical research. What we're talking about is using the variations in your genetic structure to determine, for example, how your body reacts to various medicines and what dosage is right for you. Does your family have a history of heart disease or breast cancer? You could find out what you should do now to prevent problems later.

The possibilities are endless but the lesson is that what we once thought was the stuff of  fantasy and Nobel Prizes could help you lead a better life.

You can hear my interview with Dr. Hajek on The Patrick Lalley Show on Friday on Information 1000 KSOO.

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