What is the definition of pure joy? A newborn baby of course! Seriously, there is nothing more pure than a new baby.

Babies always look at the world in wonder and awe because they are experiencing so many new adventures. But before an infant can explore life around it outside the walls of a hospital, it needs a name. This task alone can be very intimidating for new parents because the name has to be just perfect. Luckily for new parents in Sioux Falls, there are plenty of resources available to assist them in selecting the perfect name including the hospitals!

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Both Avera and Sanford Health just released the top names for girls and boys for Sioux Falls babies in 2021. Some names for baby girls and boys landed on both lists for Avera and Sanford Health. When it comes to names for boys, Sanford discovered that multiple names tied for the top five spots on the list.

Each health care institution shared the top five baby names for both girls and boys. Here are the respective lists for Avera and Sanford Health:

Avera Health


  1. Lillian
  2. Willow
  3. Elizabeth
  4. Charlotte
  5. Sophia


  1. Lucas
  2. Theodore
  3. Charles
  4. Oliver
  5. Henry

Sanford Health 


  1. Amelia
  2. Emma and Harper (TIED)
  3. Charlotte
  4. Evelyn
  5. Olivia


  1. Oliver
  2. Henry and Theodore (TIED)
  3. Jack
  4. Asher and Liam (TIED)
  5. Hudson, Leo, and Owen (TIED)

For the second year in a row, Amelia topped the list for newborn girls at Sanford. Both hospitals’ newborn girl lists still share Charlotte as one of the top baby names in Sioux Falls. It is also interesting to note that Theodore, Oliver, and Henry appear on both boys’ lists.

What do you think of the top baby names in Sioux Falls? Any name you would add?

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