Avera Health is stepping up to the plate and showing what real leadership looks like during a pandemic as they are now requiring their employees to be vaccinated.

In a news release on Tuesday, Avera Health announced that they will require employees to be vaccinated against COVD-19 by December 1.

This decision follows the same message as the other major health care system in Sioux Falls as Sanford Health announced earlier this Summer that their employees would also be required to be vaccinated.

Avera Chief Medical Officer David Erickson explained their decision in a news release on Tuesday saying “As a health care ministry, Avera is called upon to provide a safe and protective environment for our patients, their families, and our employees. This is consistent with our mission and values. For decades, vaccination has been an important tool in public health. Avera has long been requiring vaccinations among its employees for influenza and other infectious diseases like measles.”

In the same release, Avera's Chief Human Resource Officer said the majority of employees are vaccinated “The majority of our employees have already turned to vaccination to protect themselves, their families, and their patients."

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Avera went on to say in the release that they will consider exemptions for certain religious and medical situations but those who are not vaccinated will have to wear personal protective equipment (PPE), adhere to other preventative measures as well as regular testing for COVID-19.

Clearly, the message that Sanford and Avera are sending is the right one, that the vaccine is safe and effective and we are slowly seeing more and more people get the life-saving COVID-19 vaccine on a daily basis.

Hopefully, more businesses, not just those in the health industry, will follow these requirements, so that not only their employees feel safe, but the customers who come into their establishments do as well.

For more information on Avera Health, their locations and for updates on news surrounding the organization, you can visit their website.


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