The usual places are water-logged after another round of rain surges through the Sioux Falls area this week.

Beginning early Tuesday morning, Sioux Falls has received over five inches of rain which continues a trend of saturation that has ebbed and flowed since the middle part of June. The twelve days without rain preceding this latest onslaught was the longest stretch of dry weather since November of 2017 according to the National Weather Service. To be fair, there were various days with traces of precipitation over a 27-day period back then, but by all measures that month left the area parched.

Of course, the Big Sioux River is getting pretty full with water encroaching on areas such as Farm Field Park near 57th Street and Western Avenue. Water is also creeping close to the edge of the road near the Schindler substation on Lincoln County Highway 102 which is east of Highway 11.

Also kudos to the South Dakota Department of Transportation for monitoring Highway 11 between 57th Street and 69th Street as the southbound lane was covered with water on Thursday morning.

Eyewitness reports show the Tea area with abundant water posing a threat and in some cases reality of water in the lower levels of their homes.

After the rain ends on Thursday, a cool, dry Friday. Then Autumn arrives on Saturday.


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