If you're planning on gifting someone smart luggage this Christmas, you may want to include a note warning them about some airline rule 3changes being made.

If you're not familiar with smart luggage, the bags often come with lithium battery phone charges built in. Some of the higher-end bags even offer Bluetooth tracking.

And, with smart luggage being all the rage right now among travelers, at least three airlines have decided those bags can no longer be checked at the gate.

American Airlines was first, deciding that starting in January all smart luggage will have to be carried on board rather than checked.

Since then two other airlines have decided to follow suit. Both Delta and Southwest Airlines will also be imposing similar restrictions.

The fear among the airlines is that the lithium batteries will catch fire in the belly or tail of the plane while in the air.

What impact it'll have on some of the smaller commuter airlines remains to be seen because not all carry-ons fit on board and need to be placed in the cargo hold.

In that case, the airline will likely require that all the batteries first be removed from the luggage before being stored below in the belly of the aircraft.

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