Allegiant Airlines, known for its super cheap airfares to leisure destinations, is responding to a 60 Minutes news report that calls into question the airline's safety.

Sunday night (April 15) CBS' 60 Minutes reported on an alleged string of dangerous issues aboard Allegiant Airlines flights such as aborted takeoffs, cabin pressure loss, emergency descents and unscheduled landings aboard aging aircraft in recent years.

Within the report, the 60 Minutes corespondent interviewed a man by the name of John Goglia who is an expert witness who testifies on aviation issues. He told 60 Minutes that "for years he's tried to push Allegiant to clean up their operation."

Allegiant is now defending itself - calling the entire report "a misleading story." Claiming the incidents happened in the past and that the airline has cleared all recent FAA audits. Allegiant says it operates at the "highest safety standards."

Source: CNBC

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