Confession time: I still have Christmas lights on the house. I guess it's okay. After all, we're less than week past New Year. But what about after a week? Two? February?

Our Facebook fans weighed in:

  • Angela Christ Riedel Mine are down and put away. Left them on until New Years Day.
  • KIKN 100.5 Yeah, mine are still up. I'm waiting for some less cold week looks like some lower 30's. I'll do it then. - DC
  • Nick Wruck Took them all down yesterday and put in storage today.
  • Diane Klein Moke lights stay up until epiphany which is the 12th day of christian lore it is when the three wisemen came to see the Christ child..that is Jan 6th this year.....
  • Stephanie Holland mine are on the house still...not turned on though. not sure when those will come down.
  • Kim Haiar Yes - the Catholic faith says the Christmas season isn't yet over. I take mine down when the church does.
  • Janelle Nagel Holsing Up, not on. They will come down this weekend.
  • Dan Varns Up & on through this weekend.
  • Allen Neuharth Still up 4 a few more days!!!