If you're like us you probably strung your Christmas lights around the tree in the traditional way of going around and around, top to bottom until it's full.

But an alternative method has made its way to social media and is being hailed as one of the ultimate holiday "Why didn't we think of that?" moments.

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It's worth sharing. Even the decorating experts are on board with this one.

Stringing the lights from top-to-bottom vertically saves you from wasting too many lights on the back of the tree, and also allows your ornaments to sit closer to the tips of the branches for maximum sparkle. It makes sense. Stringing the lights in a circular pattern tends to bring them deeper into the tree.

They also say it’s easier to remove the lights once the holidays are over if you hang them vertically. The famous Rockefeller Center Christmas tree has its lights strung on in this manner and people took note.

Well, isn't that a holiday win?

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