Police taser weapons are a handy tool for officers to have in helping to subdue suspects that become uncooperative. Most of the time they prove to be very effective, like I said, most of the time.

Wednesday morning was one of those occasions when Sioux Falls Police needed more than just a taser to help bring an intoxicated man under control inside a Sioux Falls convenience store.

Police were called to deal with a drunk and disorderly incident that took place around 10:45 AM on Wednesday, (May 18) at a gas station located near 12th Street and Kiwanis Avenue in Sioux Falls.

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According to Dakota News Now, thirty-two-year-old Steven Jolin attempted to enter the gas station while under the influence, prompting employees on duty to notify police. Once officers arrived on the scene they attempted to arrest Jolin for a DWI and he began to put up a struggle.

Lt. Adam Peterson with the Sioux Falls Police told Dakota News Now officers were forced to deploy their tasers against Jolin, but they proved ineffective. Additional officers were called to assist with the arrest. Eventually, police were able to gain the upper hand on Jolin, and take him into custody. He was arrested and charged with DWI and resisting arrest.

No one was injured during the struggle inside the Sioux Falls convenience store on Wednesday.

Source: Dakota News Now


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