I came across this on Twitter today. I follow the Rapid City Journal, who by the way do a heck of a job on their twitter feed.  They keep you posted and this morning had an interesting tweet!

Police use Taser on man after 20-mph chase dlvr.it/40KMZR

20 miles per hour.  Most of the stories I read get me guessing.  I don't convict in my analysis, but guess.  Most of the time those guesses involve alcohol, but in keeping with the line of guessing, I'm thinking this guy was doing some 'drugs of a different color.'  You know, something that will reeeeeelllllllleeeee slllooooooowwwwww yoooooooouuuuu dooooooownnnnnnn.

Check this out:

Police used a Taser on a Rapid City man after a 20-mile-per-hour pursuit down Interstate 90 that resulted in a foot chase around 2 a.m. Wednesday.

Rapid City police spokeswoman Tarah Heupel said an officer tried to stop Allen Libby Sr., 48, after he allegedly ran a flashing red light along the 700 block of LaCrosse Street.

Heupel said Libby refused to pull over and fled north on Lacrosse Street. She said police deployed spikes near the Lacrosse Street ramp of I-90, flattening two of Libby’s tires.

“Even with two flat tires, he decided to get on the interstate and flee police,” Heupel said.

She said Libby reached a top speed about 20 miles per hour before coming to a stop at the Haines Avenue exit ramp and fleeing on foot.

Police then warned Libby to comply or they would shock him with a Taser.

“He didn’t follow police commands and didn’t stop so he was tased once,” she said.

I guess it's a good time to remind everyone to not drink and drive, or drug and drive.  I have to think though, it will be part of his plea when he's standing before the judge.  It might go something like this...

'Heyyyyy duuuudeeee.  What's your prob?  I was only going tahwenty in a 75.  Chill out dude.

Glad to hear no one was injured. You know, coming along at high speed, you'd come up fast on a guy doing 20.


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