PIERRE, S.D. (AP) - A Pierre man has claimed a $6,001 Wild Card 2 lottery prize.

Jeff Gramm won the game's second prize in the Feb. 2 drawing. The odds of winning it are one in about 127,000. Gramm was one of two people to win it in that day's drawing. Gloria Bartels, of Canton, claimed her winnings earlier.

Wild Card 2 is played in the Dakotas, Montana and Idaho. The jackpot sits at $780,000 for the drawing this Saturday.

Meanwhile, a group of 17 quilting friends have won $55,000 on a lottery scratch-off ticket.

The winning $5 Cash Deluxe ticket was purchased at the Family Thrift Eastside in Rapid City.

The group members each week pool $2 each to purchase scratch and lotto tickets. Betty Richards says the group started buying tickets together five years ago in the hopes of building a large retirement home if the members were to win big.

In this instance, each member will receive about $2,400 after taxes.

Scratch ticket top prizes range from $500 to $350,000.

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