Another winning lottery ticket has been sold in Sioux Falls. Southeast South Dakota seems to be on a winning streak lately with lottery picks. Just in the last few weeks, a $250,000 Mega Millions ticket was sold in Lennox.

Only one week later, a Dakota Cash ticket sold in Sioux falls yielded a jackpot. Someone will cash in on $149,141 from the SD Lottery office. The jackpot was then reset at $20,000.

It now appears that the $20,000 ticket was, once again, sold in Sioux Falls.

The winning numbers from 1/16/2013 are: 8 - 12 - 15 - 22 - 32

I checked my ticket from the same drawing and found out I matched 3 numbers for $3. Despite all the attention I'm getting from the media and relentless advice from my financial advisor, I'm going to let it ride. You only live once.

Has everybody had their turn winning the lottery yet?