Residents of this state do NOT need a website to tell others that South Dakotans are the best kind of people anyone will ever meet. With so much pride and love for the state, South Dakotans are often known to be down-to-earth, warm-hearted and trustworthy.

But if you needed even more proof that those of us living in South Dakota are just plain GOOD people, the website made a list of eight different reasons why people from South Dakota are the best kind of people you'll ever meet.

Source: OnlyInYourState

  • 1

    South Dakotans LOVE their communities!

    Often called "hometown pride", it can be found everywhere in the state of South Dakota. It doesn't matter what the season is, hometown celebrations can be found all across the state. With fun, family-oriented festivities that often include parades, block parties and small-town celebrations during the summer, to ice-fishing tournaments in the winter, South Dakotans love to get together and support their community.

  • 2

    South Dakotans believe in FAMILY.

    One of the main reason's why people love South Dakota is because it's a great place to raise a family! But not just start a family, more often than not, the South Dakotans that have moved out of the state decide to move back to the state - to be near the family that never left.

  • 3

    South Dakotas have PRIDE.

    It would take more than just two hands worth of fingers to count the reasons why South Dakotans are proud of their state. From Mount Rushmore to the Falls, the state of South Dakota is home to many great things, no matter what direction you drive.

  • 4

    South Dakotas WORK hard.

    Even though there is no FACTUAL proof for the statement that South Dakotans are the hardest working people on the planet, everyone that lives in the state knows it's true. Need an example? One word comes to mind: FARMERS.

  • 5

    South Dakotans are LOYAL.

    No extra words are really needed except to say that people from South Dakota will never let you down.

  • 6

    South Dakotans love NATURE.

    Working the land in the spring, hunting and camping in the summer, harvesting in the fall and ice-fishing and snowmobiling in the winter are all good examples on how much South Dakotans love the outdoors.

  • 7

    South Dakotans are TOUGH!

    With snow and temperatures that can be sub-zero during the winter and hot and humid conditions in the summer, nothing stops a South Dakota resident from doing what they have to do! Often asked why we live in a state that can go from one extreme to the other, South Dakotans often reply "Because it's a great place to live!"

  • 8

    South Dakotans appreciate art and beauty.

    Whether it's man-made or all natural, South Dakotans appreciate beauty when they see it.