Yet another country concert is coming to town. This time it's Parmalee! 

The country music band, which formed in 2001, consists of brothers Matt and Scott Thomas, along with their cousin Barry Knox and childhood friend Josh McSwain. They just released their major-label debut album - 'Feels Like Carolina' - in December.

The album is getting rave reviews:

Parmalee overachieves on this album. Newcomers often struggle to find the best songs or secure appointments with the A-list songwriters in Nashville, so these four men do much of the heavy lifting themselves, turning out groovy jams like ‘Day Drinkin” (Scott Thomas’ drums really hold this track down) and ‘Move.’ This song just cooks. It’s the highlight of the album — a place where all four members seem to be working entirely within their comfort zone.

Parmalee is set to play a 7:00 p.m. show Sunday night, March 9th at the world's only Corn Palace!

Tickets go on sale Friday morning at 8:00 a.m. (check back for prices then). You can order your tickets by calling 605-995-8430 or on-line right here!