Here is a great example of the internet connecting people, and realizing some problems are universal.

I saw an online friend I had made through Instagram had posted a picture with her and her friends wearing bracelets supporting National Action Day Against Bullying.

I have heard about so many different anti-bullying campaigns over the years I just assumed this was a new one I needed to add to my calendar.

The friend whose post inspired me to Google National Action Day Against Bullying lives in Australia.

The more articles I clicked on I decided to stay in the rabbit hole of clicks for a bit and just browse through Australia's National Action Day Against Bullying.

The more I read about, research articles, listen to parents and kids share their storied, the less I feel I have any answers.

But I have one idea that just might be crazy enough to at least put a dent in it.

As I watch interactions on TV, in print, and any and all forms of communication it becomes glaringly obvious we don't grow out of bullying.

I'm not sure how it comes about that people stop this behavioe, but there has to be some sort of heart change in an individual.

This human thing we call bullying has been around, it's not separated by borders, bodies of waters or classes.

From South Dakota to Australia it's a problem we would all like an answers.

I'm not even sure what the answer is. Maybe the answer is the same answer a guy gave me advice about my lawn years ago.

My lawn had become overgrown with thistles, each year they continued to spread, and overtake the grass.

The advice I got was to take care so much grass that the grass would take overgrow the lawn.

It sounded strange. It also worked.

The other methods in the past had always had me focusing on the thistles.

Maybe the only way to over come this world wide problem is to actively push so much love out there we start to balance this place out.

It's worth a shot.

Sending love to our friends in Australia today!

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