There are a few things that get me really fired up, and people bullying people is one of them. Notice I didn't just say kids bullying kids? It's because some kids never grow out of being a bully and become adults looking for people to push around

There is plenty of back and forth about the best way to discipline kids, and what is right or wrong.

There is a video circulating the internet that had been viewed more than 3 million times, and that is exactly what has people talking. Is the dad in this video being a bully?

Did the son learn the behavior that got him kicked off the bus from his dad? Is this dad doing exactly what more parents need to be doing for discipline these days?

You can watch the video on the disciplining Dad, Bryan Thornhills's Facebook Page.

You can decide for yourself if the video is over the line, or if the punishment fits the bullying crime.

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