There is a man in Park Rapids, Minnesota who has a lot of hair. In fact, he has so much hair that he has just set the Guinness World Record for the world's tallest spike Mohawk.

So how tall is the world's tallest spike Mohawk? Joe Grisamore's hair measures 50.9 inches to be exact, or 4 1/4 feet... of hair! He attempted the record in 2016, but he came up short.

This isn't the only world record that Grisamore has. In 2020, he earned the record for the longest Mohican, or fan Mohawk. That Mohawk was 42.5 inches tall.

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Grismore had some help along the way to get him into the record books. His stylist Kay Jettmann and his wife Laura prep Grisamore's hair for the attempts.

Tall Mohawks do have some hazards as the 6'1" tall Grisamore told Guinness, "Doors aren’t over 7’ tall, ceilings 9’, and cars are impossible to get into - so I’m limited to where and how I move around when I’m all done up, but the crowd usually comes to me.”

What does Grisamore do with all that hair when he isn't attempting a world record? He told Guinness the hair is braided and in two knots as to avoid sitting on it. Good idea!

How long does it Grisamore to grow out 50 inches of hair? There was a point when he shaved all his hair off after becoming too 'dreaded'. It took him about seven years to get it long enough for another record attempt.

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