Flooding has been a big problem all over the Sioux Falls area. And anyone with enough brains to be given a drivers license should have enough sense to know that you should never try to drive over flooded roads.

We've all been told again and again: “Turn around, don't drown”. Apparently, the person driving this pickup truck doesn't get it.

You never know what's under that water. Time and again we've seen where the roads under water have been washed away leaving big craters that will swallow up you and your vehicle. Nothing good happens when you try to drive through water-covered roads.

So I totally agree with the Minnehaha Sheriffs Department post stating: YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID.

Floodwaters nearly swept this pickup off the highway west of Baltic after the driver ignored road closed signs and barricades. Risked himself and anyone who would be called to try and rescue him.

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