There is always one person in your life that reminds you to be safe and vigilant when you're out and about. It almost seems a little silly at times. On the other hand, you never know what could happen in this crazy world or who you'll encounter. It’s always best to be aware and alert! This includes being able to recognize individuals who are wanted for committing various crimes in the area as well as throughout the state.

So who are these South Dakota fugitives currently at large?  The most wanted fugitives in South Dakota can easily be found on the South Dakota Department of Corrections website. On a local level, the most wanted fugitives are identified on the Minnehaha County website.

The South Dakota Department of Corrections and Minnehaha County websites provide detailed information about fugitives on the run in South Dakota. Keep in mind, most of the fugitives listed are not considered a threat to the public.

UPDATE: South Dakota Fugitive List

As always, if you happen to see any of these fugitives, the best plan of action is to call the local authorities.


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