This time of year, hot beverages are a staple for most people. The temperatures outside go down and the temperatures in our drinks go up.

One winter favorite is hot chocolate, of course. But there is an age old debate, is hot chocolate better with milk or water?

I was sort of indifferent. At work, water is easy, because there is a hot water spout on the coffee maker. Or better yet, just put coffee in your hot chocolate and you have a poor man's mocha!

However, some people feel very strongly that hot chocolate must me made with milk!

We asked our listeners what they thought and they too felt strongly and even had some fun new recipes for hot chocolate! Here are some of their comments:

A really good recipe for hot chocolate is on the stove in a big pot you put milk, whatever kind you want, Hershey's Chocolate Syrup, but not very much of it, and sugar. Warm it all up, top with some homemade whipped cream, it's delicious, better than hot chocolate you get at a fancy store.


For my kids I put chunks of chocolate in the glass then I put cocoa powder I boil milk for that over it then I put whip cream and another check on chocolate on top of the whipped cream


We never use the powder. We just heat up chocolate milk on the stove. It's delicious!!


I use vanilla flavored soy milk. It's mind blowing.


I don't think I would put milk in my Keurig so I make mine with water


I do half milk and half water in my hot chocolate.. Its too much chocolate for hot chocolate !!! Lmao


For my hot chocolate. I use Milk, mix chocolate syrup, put the hot chocolate packet in, stir it up. Then I put marshmallows on it and put it in the microwave to melt the marshmallows a bit. It is sooooooooo good!

So, I guess there still isn't a definite answer, but some of these hot chocolate recipes sound delicious!

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