These days, there are so many different types of milk out there. You have cow, goat, almond, oat, soy, and more. But here in Iowa, there is a milk that is still illegal.

Last year the Iowa Senate passed a bill that would legalize raw milk. However, it never made it to the House floor.

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Now another bill is trying to make its way back through the Senate that would legalize raw milk.

The Food and Drug Administration put a mandate on raw milk in 1987 which essentially banned the shipment of the product in interstate commerce. Since then, a vast majority of states are allowing raw milk sales.

Esther Arkfeld moved to Iowa five years ago. Before moving she bought raw milk rather than formula for her baby.

How is it that in the 21st century in a country where 45 of the 50 states allow the sale of raw milk Iowa -- a state that prides itself on agriculture, farming, and freedom -- is the only Midwest state to criminalize it?

When a similar bill passed in the Iowa Senate last year, opposition rose against the bill from both health and agriculture groups. They say that raw milk has more bacteria and is dangerous for pregnant women.

Justin LeVan, Iowa Dairy Foods Association secretary says Iowa would suffer from this bill.

As soon as there's an outbreak of any kind, the businesses in Iowa will suffer and milk sales will go down whether it's associated with raw milk or not.

The new bill would not make it legal to sell unpasteurized milk in restaurants and farmers' markets. But dairies could sell raw milk and products where it was processed.

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