Just ahead of the Floyd Mayweather - Conor McGregor boxing match in Vegas this weekend (8/26/17), the whole scenario reminds me of the 1985 movie Rocky IV.

That's the one where Russian Ivan Drago kills Apollo Creed in the boxing ring, followed by Rocky Balboa traveling over to Russia to seek revenge on behalf of his friend.

Here's a little "did you know" about the movie - the fight scenes were real.

During filming of the movie, Sylvester Stallone insisted on trading actual punches with Dolph Lundgren in order to add realism to the film - and Lundgren obliged.

Later that night, after shooting the fight scenes, Stallone had trouble breathing and had to be taken to the hospital where the ER staff thought he'd been in a car accident.

As it turns out Lundgren had punched Stallone so hard that his heart had collided with his sternum. Sly remained hospitalized a total of eight days.

So now my only question is, "Which one is Rocky - Mayweather of McGregor?" I think McGregor has a real chance of winning. After all, all it takes is one well-placed punch.

What do you think?

Source: YouTube/Gioxis

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