It is technically Rocky 8 but Creed II delivers the boxing formula we all hope for when Stallone puts us back in the ring for another round.

As I write my thoughts on the newest story line we all fell in love with years ago I have the Creed II soundtrack playing in the background.

The music, the training montages, and the underdog story is what we all fell in love with years ago when Sylvester Stallone first gave us Rocky.

The story about how Stallone brought the first Rocky to the big screen and starred in the lead role is just as inspiring as the movie itself.

Sure it's going to be predictable, we know how it's going to play out in the ring but the underdog story always gets me back in line at the box office.

A good friend of mine told me years ago we all love the underdog story because at some point in life we all felt like one and these types of stories inspire hope in us.

Creed II delivers great acting, story telling, and the formula we all know makes for a great boxing story.

It is a boxing story line but it's the story of people being in each others corner in life and seeing them through what they are facing that really resonates with the human experience.

When or if Creed III comes out I can promise I will be there waiting for another round of watching the boxing underdog face the odds and come out on top.

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