Jerry ‘Slam Man’ James has been boxing since 1980, and his career has taken him to boxing rings all over the world.

Since lacing up the gloves James has been a state champ, regional champ, national runner-up, national champion and voted most outstanding boxer. He won nationals in the Coconut Creek-Master Division, won the Ringside World Championship and won a gold medal in the Australia Master Games.

Just to name a few.

Jerry is one of those interesting people you meet in life who pursues his dreams, helps people achieve theirs, and turns his passion into professions.

Jerry likes to say he is a trainer of beast and humans alike. He has a obstacle course for dogs he built, and a new location for training humans who like boxing.

The name of Jerry's boxing program is called Top Flight BoxingIn the name he combined his love for flying, and the sport he was recently inducted into the South Dakota Hall of Fame for.

In 1975 Jerry moved from New York City, to attend college in Yankton, South Dakota.

James has recently moved Top Flight Boxing into a new location, and is now offering more classes. In addition to offering youth classes, Jerry is also featuring Rock Steady Boxing, a program that helps people with Parkinson’s Disease live a better quality of life.

Top Flight Boxing is now located at 3216 East 10th Street.

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