A Thanksgiving flight turns into gold as a man live tweets his argument with another passenger and wins the internet.

A little ditty, about Elan & Diane, two American kids flying through the heartland.

It all started innocently enough with a Thanksgiving day flight that was delayed from taking off.

Elan was a passenger on the flight as was Diane. Apparently Diane felt that she was the only person being inconvenienced by the delay and decided to make a scene by constantly calling over the attendants and letting them know how important it was that she be at Thanksgiving dinner with her family, and basically annoying everyone on the flight.

Elan was sitting several rows away when he started tweeting about Diane. He then escalated things by sending her notes. And alcohol. Lots of alcohol.

The tweets have all been gathered here. Read on and be warned, the language is definitely not appropriate for all ages. But it is EPIC.